Item #: 46115-400
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    Used to control air to flowbenches, scuba air stations and air distribution panels. 6,000 psi max input pressure. Adjustable air control from 50 to 400 psi with high flows. Self-venting when pressure is reduced. Has 2 - 1/4 NPT female inlet ports (1 for a gauge) and 2 - 1/4 NPT female outlet ports (1 for a gauge). This regulator can help simplify the process of tank filling. Simply dial in the desired set pressure on the regulator and the gas input to your filling system will be arrested automatically at that point. Delivered oxy-clean. Can be panel-mounted with accessory mounting ring #46116 (not included). NOTE: This regulator controls pressure, but NOT flow. Order #46112 for rebuild kit.

    Material: Aluminum (wetted parts)

    Pressure Regulation: 50 to 400 psi

    Working Pressure: 6,000 psi