Oxy Clean!
Item #: 45370OX
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    A stainless steel needle valve with 1/4 NPT male ports. 3,000 psi service. Delivered Oxy-clean.

    Each valve comes standard with a black knob insert. Alternative colors are available for gas identification. Order #45315OX-GRN for a green knob insert signifying Oxygen. Order # 45315OX-YEL for a yellow knob insert signifying Oxygen Compatible Air. Order #45315OX-BRN for a brown knob insert signifying Argon or inert gas.

    Transfer of oxygen for safe mixing requires low charging rates (50 - 70 psi / minute) into dive tanks. This can be difficult to achieve with normal tank or line valves which are really high flow devices. Global offers two types of special valves that can meter Oxygen and other "clean gases": Precision Metering Valves and Gas Flow Controllers. Metering valves have needle-like stems and seats which provide a wide range of flow with precise, but adjustable, metering. However, these valves are sensitive to rough handling / over-tightening and must be operated like precision instruments. Gas Flow Controllers combine a common scuba filler line valve (Oxy-version) with a pin-hole metering orifice which magnifies the valve's control function and gives excellent metering with rugged handling characteristics. However, fixed metering orifices are not adjustable, thus filling rates will decrease significantly as the supply of flow within a predetermined pressure range.

    Working Pressure: 5,000 psi

    Material: Stainless Steel

    1/4 NPT male connection

    Gas Prep: Oxy Clean