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    This machine consists of two heavy gauge, dichrome-plated steel end plates that support three parallel rubber rollers, the center one of which is rotated by a 60 rpm, 1/4-hp gearmotor. This apparatus allows two dive cylinders to be simultaneously tumbled at about 25 rpm. The semi-soft rollers will not deface or mark tanks, but still have excellent traction. The spacing between each roller axis is adjustable so tanks of different diameters can be accommodated. The parallel side rollers are offset in height from the central drive roller which also promotes handling tanks of varying size. The tumbler is easily assembled and can be anchored to a bench, floor, or fabricated frame. An exploded parts diagram/instructions are included or available at our website Electrical connections are not included. 110v motor only. (See Bulletins #42130 and #42125 for information on tumbling operations. These bulletins can be ordered through our Customer Service Department at (512) 240-6644 or are available at